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Digital business transformation strategy!

- Online marketing

- Web development

Creativity is a game changer. That's true of society, in advertising and in life.

David Droga
Olti Gergely
Olti Gergely
Penates Invest Zrt.
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Áron nagy szaktudású szoftvermérnök. Szinte félszavakból érti, mi egy laikus problémája, és gyorsan, hatékonyan oldja meg azokat. Rugalmas és hatékony szolgáltatást nyújt kkv-k számára!

High ticket service to ensure the dedicated attention!


The must have 0th step. Based on my know-how and on my systematically acquired expertise. I asses the requirements and design the main steps of an optimal solution.


The implementation process based on the design concept. This might involve coding, system integration and configuration of different CRMs and/or ERPs. Depending on the customer’s needs we provide documentation and hands-on training.


Our work is always result driven. We believe that our success only possible through the customer’s success. Therefor we provide continuous support and reassessment.

How may I help you?

  • Well organized, transparent work.
  • Exclusive business

Online Marketing

We design marketing strategy based on the best performing trends. Today it is necessary to have professional sales funnel to meet your conversion goals.

A sales funnel is “a series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. The steps are composed of marketing assets that do the work of selling, like landing pages and email.”

Web development

Joint my creativity and my expertise there is nothing impossible. Nowadays web development tends to sift toward system integration and building on top of established platforms.

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